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Amy Gomez
Wellness Coordinator (Lakeside)

I really enjoy coming to work in such a friendly atmosphere. It's inspiring to work for a company who honestly wants to do right by their members and employees. I love getting the opportunity to work with people one-on-one and teaching our wellness classes to make a difference in their quality of life. Lakeside is truly a special place to work.

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Vicki Andress
Lifestyle Supervisor (Immanuel Village)

I feel supported and trusted by my manager and I feel that Immanuel empowers their employees and treats them with respect and values their opinions.

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Lori Linnenbrink
Team Lead Recreation Therapy (Immanuel Fontenelle)

I love knowing that through the Recreation Therapy department we can make someone smile, laugh, reminisce, or challenge them to live to their fullest potential!

Our mission is more than a statement, it's motivation







As an organization, Immanuel’s mission is to provide Christ-centered service to seniors, each other and the community. It is the Golden Rule put into action thousands of times a day, offering dignity, safety, respect, independence and wellness for all. If you’ve always dreamed that your job could also be a higher purpose, Immanuel may just be the place for you.

Benefits: We need the best, so we offer the best

At Immanuel, we are committed to offering a comprehensive employee benefits program that helps our employees stay healthy, feel secure and maintain a work-life balance. Check specific job listings to see our benefits!

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