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Jamie Streett-Baker
Social Service Coordinator (Trinity Courtyard)

Immanuel's commitment to excellence and being a faith based company are things that attracted me to work for Immanuel.  Their commitment to nurturing the spirituality of residents and staff is evident in the full time pastor located at each community.

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Liz Hanson
Graphics and Brand Specialist (Home Office)

I love the diversity, sense of purpose and challenge that my job at Immanuel brings me.  I have grown so much in my career here at Immanuel and that is absolutely a tribute to the decision they give each and every day to their employees.

Our mission is more than a statement, it's motivation







As an organization, Immanuel’s mission is to provide Christ-centered service to seniors, each other and the community. It is the Golden Rule put into action thousands of times a day, offering dignity, safety, respect, independence and wellness for all. If you’ve always dreamed that your job could also be a higher purpose, Immanuel may just be the place for you.

Benefits: We need the best, so we offer the best

At Immanuel, we are committed to offering a comprehensive employee benefits program that helps our employees stay healthy, feel secure and maintain a work-life balance. Check specific job listings to see our benefits!

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